ith winter's icy touch almost upon us, we thought it'd be nice to warm these cold evenings with a list of cosy VN recommendations. Stories set during winter but with a heartwarming theme to them.

But first, we're running this poll to find the VN community's opinion on the best VNs to read during winter, whether that's something cute and warm, or bleak and depressing. Rate each VN from 1 to 10 where 1/10 is as appropriate as wearing a bikini in a snowstorm, and 10/10 is wearing a bikini in a snowstorm in a Sakura series VN. You don't have to vote on all the VNs, you can skip those you're unfamiliar with. The poll will run for one week (until Friday 14th), then we'll post the results alongside our more extensive recommendation list.

Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions to add to our poll. Not everything made it onto this list, but we're keeping all the suggestions in mind for our upcoming recommendation list. Feel free to get in touch if you know of some suitable winter VNs we should add.

VNDBHatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star is the sequel to Hatoful Boyfriend and a separate game. There are 4 main episodes and 6 short episodes contained within it, a gallery, as well as a six part radio program that answers questions from the fans.

VNDBef - a fairy tale of the two.

Amamiya Yuuko, a mysterious girl dressed like a nun, and Himura Yuu, a mysterious gentleman who is somehow attached to the church where Yuuko first appears, are having a reunion in a church during Christmas time. Yuuko and Yuu reminisce about the past and remember events of the previous year.

VNDBD.C. II -Da Capo II-

Taking place approximately 50 years after the original D.C. Da Capo, the story revolves around Yoshiyuki and the sibling granddaughters of the original D.C. Da Capo protagonists.

VNDBSepia Tears

Sepia Tears is a love story. It's about a high schooler named Mark, an ordinary protagonist with a secret in his past that he tries very hard to forget.

VNDBPsychedelica of the Ashen Hawk

In order to avoid being cast out, Jed masquerades as a young boy and lives in a derelict tower on the outskirts of town. One day a mysterious treasure is stolen from the city church. Our heroine learns that not only do magic stones exist and are hidden within the city, but also the secret of her origins.

VNDBToradora! Portable

You play as Takasu Ryuuji in an alternate memory loss story with many different endings than the original.

VNDBSakura Santa

Koji is feeling a bit down. He’s spending Christmas alone after moving away from home to attend university. He wanders around a local shrine to make an offering. His wish is a simple one: I want to have someone to spend Christmas with this year. Shortly after making that wish, he meets three girls, all with unusual quirks.

VNDBSix Days of Snow

Eiji was a promising young writer who wrote the poem Fireworks, which detailed the beginnings of his youthful and idealistic romance with his wife, Sachiko. Twenty years later, however, Eiji's life has lost much of its shine. In a desperate attempt to rekindle his lost creativity, Eiji embarks on a journey to the snowy mountains of Hakuba.

VNDBTrue Remembrance

True Remembrance is an ordinary tale of the ordinary days spent in an ordinary town by an ordinary girl who learns that everything in this world is extraordinary - or that nothing is.

VNDBWhite Album 2 -Introductory Chapter-

It all started in such a day in late autumn. At that time, someone fell in love. A love that was too late, a love that shouldn't have occurred.

VNDBA Winter's Daydream

A boy returns to his countryside home after spending half a year in the city, only to discover the unimaginable — his elderly grandmother has transformed into a cute young girl! Hijinks ensue.


A city in the middle of an icy desert, cut off from the world by raging blizzards. Inhabited only by a small group of misfits who either can't or don't want to leave for the winter.

VNDBSnow Sakura

Legend says there is a flower that blooms here in the depth of winter... as the twilight deepens and a snowflake melts in the palm of my hand, I stand with a beautiful girl by my side. Will we be able to uncover its mystery in this fleeting moment?

VNDBThose Without Names

Eight has a name, a real name. The problem is: she can't remember it. The people around her don't remember theirs either. Like her, they're all trapped in what seems to be the same dream without a name; just a number. In order to leave this place, you must awaken to your name.

VNDBSwan Song

An earthquake occurs during Christmas. Six survivors meet at a church as they try to find shelter from the snow. What will they see and experience in this extreme situation?

VNDBRemember11 -The Age of Infinity-

Fuyukawa Kokoro's plane crashes in the mountains in the middle of a snowstorm. Of the 31 passengers, only she, Kusuda Yuni, Yomogi Seiji, and Mayuzumi Lin survive unharmed. Unable to establish communication with the outside world, the four decide to take shelter in an empty cabin and wait until the storm passes.

VNDBplanetarian ~reverie of a little planet~

Humanity is nearly extinct. A perpetual and deadly Rain falls on the Earth. Men known as Junkers plunder goods and artifacts from the ruins of civilization. One such Junker sneaks alone into the most dangerous of all ruins -- a 'Sarcophagus City'. In the center of this dead city, he discovers a pre-War planetarium.


Yuuichi Aizawa, a high school student, returns to a town that he last visited 7 years previously to live with his aunt and cousin. For a reason he's not quite sure of, he can hardly remember anything about his last visit. The day after he arrives he bumps into a girl named Ayu Tsukimiya, and Yuuichi's memories slowly begin to return.


A missing persons case is dumped onto Shugo one day. Yura... the girl he had an intimate relationship with before being sent to war. But he soons finds out she's not the only one missing.

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