Suki Tokimeki to Kiss
'I love you with all my heart... and despise you with all my soul.'

After a haunting dream, an amnesiac Kurenai Akina wakes up in hospital to see a girl staring straight into her eyes. The girl's very presence repulses and frightens her, and yet her sweet perfume brings back a strange, contradictory affection. Akina must come to terms with her emotions as she recovers her memories piece by piece, and any misstep may cost her her life. Who shall be the deceiver, and who the deceived? The battle between them has just begun...

VNDB score: 5.4/10

Drama, Girls' Love, LGBT+

Desktop version available.


Length: <2 hours

English: No


  • PC (Windows)

Content warnings:

  • Abusive content
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