Speed Dating for Ghosts
As a lonely specter looking for love in the afterlife, you attend a speed dating event and chat up a cemetery's worth of phantoms, wraiths, and poltergeists. At the end of the spooky mixer, choose your favorite! They'll take you out to all the best haunts: old folks' homes, creepy houses with new owners... Maybe solving a murder is your idea of a good time. Or robbing a bank. Ghosts are into all sorts of things.

VNDB score: 6.7/10


Available in English.
VN isn't free.
Desktop version available.


Length: <2 hours

English: Yes


  • PC (Windows)
  • Mac

Available at:

User Reviews
Sadness is a real thing As real as we are anyway. - Kyo

Speed Dating for Ghosts is an unusual visual novel that I expected to just be a silly and quirky ride such as Hatoful Boyfriend. However this one took me on an emotional ride.

What I always appreciate most in VNs is when they really make you care about a character and this one manages to do so with nearly every ghost you meet within a matter of minutes as opposed to hours.

I dont want to say any spoilers as its not a very long VN less than two hours and the little stories that are thrown your way are wonderful and beautiful. Its a game that really makes you think.

I will say however that though it has Speed Dating in the title I only found one character that you actually get romantic with. Everyone else you go on a little adventure with and get to know them a little about their lives before passing a way robbing a bank etc. You know normal ghost stuff.

I highly recommend you check this out.
Bishounen-P - 28 September 2018
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