April was a Fool
Two years ago, six heroes were tasked with saving the world.
So they did.
However, once again the world is under threat from an evil force,
and once again, these six heroes are called on by their Kingdom to stand up against it.

This is their story.
A story of action. A story of romance.
A story of a handful of idiots dawdling around and somehow managing to save the world.

Meet May, a young girl who wants nothing more than to become an adventurer. Nothing in life is free, however, and she's working her first job as a Barmaid in one of Castle City's many pubs. Imagine her shock when five of her customers are Legendary World-Class Heroes who had saved the world from destruction a couple of years ago!

Not only that, they seem to have taken an interest in her.

Guide May through five unique plotlines centred around five unique people in their journey to save the world, clear up the past, and maybe, just maybe...

Make out.

VNDB score: 6.9/10

Fantasy, Otome, Girls' Love, LGBT+

Available in English.
Desktop version available.


Length: <2 hours

English: Yes


  • PC (Windows)
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