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14 December 2018 - Winter VN Poll Results

The results for our winter VN poll are now up along with our personal suggestions for good VNs to read this snowy season! Thank you to everyone who voted or offered suggestions for our list.

We hope you all have a festive holiday season~

07 December 2018 - Winter VN Poll released

We've put up a poll to collect the community's views on the best VNs to read during Winter! We'd love to hear your opinion and if you have any suggestions to add to our Winter VN recommendation list, please get in touch~

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As someone who was always turned off by the idea of "moege" I personally found Princess Evangile to be entirely delightful. I absolutely adored the common route and found it quite entertaining and filled with comedy and interesting characters. In fact I found the side characters to be even more fun than the main characters! The main game is pretty good and I really liked Ayaka's route in particular but W Happiness is even better and made me lose my prejudice over moege.
Fatal Twelve is a unique take on the battle royale genre. Rather than being action packed with lots of battles the fighting is mostly done through information gathering. All of the participants are already dead and fighting for the right to live. People are eliminated by their true name regret and cause of death being revealed to the others. It's a fun and suspenseful ride and a major improvement over the writer's previous work: Sound of Drop. I'd definitely recommend it if you're a fan of the BR genre.
We Know the Devil is a strange, surreal piece of fiction. After getting all of the endings (including the true ending), I can't say that I really understood what happened. But that's okay. It packs an emotional punch that's intensified by the uncertainty of what, exactly, is happening.

The premise seems straightforward enough, at least at first: three teenagers (Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune) are at a Christian summer camp and hating every moment of it. Soon, they're chosen to sit out the night in an abandoned cabin, waiting for the devil to strike. They play games, talk, and drink to pass the time, but as the night goes on, the reality of themselves and the devil sets in.

One of the key features of WKTD is that all of your choices feature you pairing up two of the characters. Inevitably, one of them will be left out, with grave consequences. There is a true ending that you can get if you plan things out (or just get a lucky guess), but it's not necessarily any better than the other endings...or it might be.

Of note is the VN's presentation. Making use of expressive black-and-white sprites that look like scanned pencil drawings, overexposed photographs for backgrounds, and a haunting synth soundtrack, We Know the Devil has a unique aesthetic that makes it easily stand out. Overall, WTKD packs a lot of emotion in its fairly short (~90 minute) runtime, and is well worth a look or three.
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